About Me

Dachakoshka Siberians

Welcome to Dachakoshka Siberians. I am a small, home-based cattery in Central Vermont in the United States. I breed for type and temperament. My cattery is TICA registered, and my litters are all registered with TICA. My cats and kittens are raised underfoot, and never caged. They are well socialized with both  other cats and humans.

Most of the cats and kittens are sold as alters. Any other kittens that may become available to breeders will be indicated on the kitten page, or under available adults.

All kittens are fully vetted, with all immunizations and spay/neuter prior to leaving my home , with the exception of those sold as breeders.

Many breeders talk about the Siberian being hypo-allergenic. While many Siberians do carry a lower level of FelD1 protein in their saliva. These levels differ among individual cats. Most of my placements are with people suffering from cat allergies, and references are available on request.

Individuals with sensitivities are encouraged to let me know, as individual fur testing can be done with a prospective buyer. I will do my best to work with people with allergies, in order to make a happy home for both human and cat.

The site is a work in progress, so please come back and visit often for updates!